• États-Unis – Un road trip haut en couleurs en Nouvelle-Angleterre

    United States – A colourful road trip
    in New England


Plan to travel in summer 2020? It’s possible!

Here are some destinations that we suggest that will open from July:

  • Switzerland
  • Greece
  • Albania & Montenegro – new destination; by train & ferry
  • Croatia – by train & ferry
  • Sicily & the Aeolian Islands – possible without flight
  • Netherlands – Texel; by train
  • Romania – from September; by train
  • Portugal – Azores; from August
  • Iceland – a Covid-19 test must be done before departure
  • Norway – from end of July

Indian Ocean

  • Mauritius/Rodrigues/Réunion

  • Namibia

  • Singapour
  • Malaisia
  • Australia
  • Japan – from August

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested, we’ll be happy to discuss these trips and customise them to suit your desires.

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Looking forward to help you chase away the gloom of these last few months!

— The team at A Taste of Travel, George & Emmanuel

Travel differently, take pleasure in what you do and get great value from the trip. As a single traveler, a couple, a family or as a group of friends – each holiday maker will find something to fit.

Hiking, sailing, wildlife watching, riding, scuba-diving, taking it easy, slow-food, cooking courses, organic wine, well-being – each will find something that will interest them.

You will find on this page our favourite choices or new offers and a research system to locate what you want precisely. Each trip is listed by key-word: activities, ecosystem, and responsible tourism parameters.

Do not forget to consult our Events page where you will find your list of our daily hikes, slide shows, and our evening presentations of our destinations given by our guides themselves.

Bon Voyage during your visit to our site!

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