About Us

An organic café where you can have a coffee or a light lunch while taking the opportunity to explore different responsible tourism holidays destinations.

After some time of as a purely online organisation we thought it was time to get back to the real world – one where we can really interact with each other.

At A Taste of Travel we have created a friendly space where anyone can spend time getting to know our trips and destinations — asking questions, examine what we have to offer — just becoming comfortable with taking vacations in the 21st Century. From time to time we oganise presentations of our destinations, arrange small hikes in the local area and offer the cuisine you might find around the world. In keeping with this concept we offer a small menu and a range of drinks built around the organic concept. Why not try our own brownies, our soup, or quiche, & salad or our organic teas, coffee or cold drinks ?

An alternative – at last.

Discover our philosophy and our charter, introduce yourself to the language of responsible tourism and learn that nature doesn’t automatically mean discomfort. And most of all discover our offers and the good reasons for traveling with us:

Nature, ecology, local culture, respect for the people of the destination, sailing, hiking, slow-food, low-impact travel, travelling as a small group or on your own.

Hiking in Switzerland, learning to mountain-climb, slow-food in Tuscany, volcanos in Sicily, Sailing & hiking in the Caribbean, well-being in Iceland, whale-watching in the Azores, mountain gorillas watching in the Congo, Great Whites off South Africa, gers, or yurts, in Mongolia, trekking in Ladakh, horse-back safaris in Botswana…

We look forward to seeing you here!
— The team at A Taste of Travel, George & Manu