The Good Reasons Why You Should Travel with Us

Aside from the points shown in our charter there are other good reasons to take a vacation with us:

  • We are members of the Travel Professional Association as so are able to offer a garantie de voyage, which insures that, in the case of any financial problems on our part, you will be repatriated at the end of your holiday;
  • In case of any accident caused by us or our suppliers we are fully covered by Assurance RC;
  • We offer comprehensive Holiday Insurance on a single vacation or annual basis should you want to take advantage of that;
  • We are not undercut by our suppliers on the internet — in other words we receive a commission on the vacation packages we sell from our suppliers — we do not mark up our prices over those available through other sources;
  • In addition to offering the same prices as available on Internet, we give you the added benefit of expert advice, a pre-existing and strong relationship with the supplier, and the ease of purchasing the vacation in Switzerland with the security that goes with that.