Travelling Responsibly Is Not More Expensive !

It is often thought that applying responsible standards would make any holidays more expensive. Our first clients, as well as visitors to A Taste of Travel, have found that not to be true.

Our trips have competitive prices for the following reasons:

  • There are no intermediaries between us and our suppliers;
  • When there is a commission it is at a reasonable level;
  • We include as much as possible in the purchase price i.e. meals and excursions; this is especially true of our expert-guided trips.

Consider an example: CHF 1,400.– pp.

A week (Saturday to Saturday) in the Azores during the low-season, including flights, accommodation in a twin room, meals, a guided mountain hike, five whale-watching trips with experts, sea kayaks and mountain bikes at no cost, and a specialist library with internet access.

What do you think that a beach holiday at a similar distance from Switzerland would cost ?

With that price, how about offsetting your carbon expenditure !