Christmas drinks

Come to warm up at the agency on Friday 21 December from 18:30 before those last minute Christmas purchases. And again on 22 December between 17:00 and 18:00 waiting for Santa Claus while drinking a Poncha Creme (a concoction of West Indian gold rum). In any case Santa Claus uses low carbon transport!! But do […]

Lac Mývatn

Iceland, a trip to the origin of the world

Iceland is noted for its wild desolation and its volcanic geology but it is also a source of life and the hope of life. It is a land that encourages relaxation, healing and exploration of nature and oneself. Iceland is characterized by the four different seasons with the changing presence of the sun ranging from […]


The Caribbean: from the mountains to the sea

A special destination for us as George was born, grew up and lived there for quite some time. These small islands are very close to our heart and we would like you to know them as well. There are, of course, several islands that are better known but it is the Windwards that are worth […]


Come to taste the real Ethopian coffee

Coffee is a symbol of many things — tradition, sociability, sharing, a tasting experience, ceremony, travel, the environment, economic value and power. But the smell of charcoal and roasting Ethiopian coffee beans really beckons you into a different world. Genet is part of the association which introduces and furthers Ethiopian culture in Switzerland. This […]


A tour of the mythical Mount Etna

The regional park of Mount Etna in Sicily is the perfect place for this mix of hiking, relaxing by the river, and volcanic geological exploration, together with visits to cities of Catania and Taormina. During the first three days, accompanied by pack animals carrying your luggage, you will discover the strengths of the volcano-cons and […]

Le patio de la pension

The island of Skyros

Among our trips, there are thematic vacations allowing you to study the Great White shark in South Africa or watch the whales in the Azores but it is certainly possible to have less organised stays that allow you more freedom. Our stay in Tuscany already allows this and now we introduce a new one on […]

Randonnée à Zinal

Themed walks – Summer 2012

While in the mountains you must have been in the frustrating situation of trying to name a flower, knowing the reason for certain plants to dominate a small area, the origin of a rock or why the obvious rock strata exist in the landscape. Existing books may not have given you a satisfactory answer… We […]

Tri des cerises de café

Conference on two eco-tourism projects in Mexico

Two new areas of interest and two collaborations are opening the doors of Mexico to us. Our coffee supplier Malongo, historically very active in the field of fair trade and organic and origin certification labels FairTrade proposes to enter daily life and work of the Zapotec community belonging to the community UCIRI near Salina Cruz […]

Outside view of the agency in the sunlight

Welcome to the new website of A Taste of Travel

Welcome ! (This is a translation of the original welcoming post for the opening of the French website.) A very warm welcome from the team here at A Taste of Travel. In this new venture we bring together two strands of conviviality – one of travel and the other of wholesome, organic, food & drink. […]