Outside view of the agency in the sunlight

Welcome to the new website of A Taste of Travel

Welcome !

(This is a translation of the original welcoming post for the opening of the French website.)

A very warm welcome from the team here at A Taste of Travel.

In this new venture we bring together two strands of conviviality – one of travel and the other of wholesome, organic, food & drink.

On one hand we source, and present our own and our friends’ personal experiences to ensure that vacations taken through us are set apart from the regular travel experiences available elsewhere. Further we have placed the travel agency within a café so that anyone may come in to browse what we have to offer or just to enjoy a simple coffee and a brownie — you can read a book or just watch the world go by if the fancy takes you.

We are always looking out for new destinations that we feel sure that you will be interested in — the only things that they have in common is that they offer a world-class experience in some way; they are small scale and local in their operation and they offer the travel experience themselves so you can be sure that what you pay for is supporting the local infrastructure. These travel ideas range from a sailing & hiking trip through the southern islands of the Caribbean to enjoying the slow-food concept in Tuscany or from following Great Whites off South Africa to a Ladakhi monastery high in the Himalayas.

All the while we want you to know that we take a great personal interest in the itineraries that we offer. We have a high level of personal involvement in their creation and selection. They are our personal projects so we have a great deal of pride in them. They are not items that are bought off the shelf and sold on just for the money that they generate. Our itineraries incorporate our philosophy for responsible and equitable tourism, but of course we want these holidays to be a wonderful, memorable vacations which are great value for money.

This site has two sections: one dedicated to travel and the other to the café. In addition, an events section describes the program of our presentations of destinations and our travel partners; we do, from time to time, conferences, screenings and hikes on Sundays. We have a blog called The Compass — which you’re reading right now — where we share our thoughts and tell you about our new trips and events. We also have a Facebook page and a Twitter feed.

Come to check us out ! Tell us what you think and if you you have any suggestion please let us have them, we would love to fit in any new ideas. We would also be very grateful for your help in letting us know of any little glitches in our new website. We will correct the problem as soon as possible. Please note this website runs best on the newest versions of IE9, Firefox and Safari. Be sure to update your browser regularly to ensure security is kept to the highest level possible.