The Caribbean: from the mountains to the sea

Tree Fern - MartiniqueA special destination for us as George was born, grew up and lived there for quite some time. These small islands are very close to our heart and we would like you to know them as well. There are, of course, several islands that are better known but it is the Windwards that are worth your attention for a while.

Grenadine boatman - Union islandSome of the islands are doing well economically however there are some islands that have a greater dependence on on tourism and its microeconomic factors – it is these that we would like you to know. For those that love the mountains we have put together itineraries the take you from the summits of the volcanos to the more deserted beaches.
Using small local hotels you travel from island to island by by sailing catamaran. The menu has been carefully chosen to give you a taste of the myriad of ethnic influences that make up this region.

» A Different Caribbean


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