Travelling as a Nomad to See the Real Mongolia

You will spend your time in the magnificent open spaces throughout your stay, living as the nomads have done for centuries. Meeting with the nomads, learning about their culture, hiking, riding horses and camels. Ulan Bator, Khustain Nuruu Park, Khogno Khan, Karakorum, The Ulaan Falls, Orkhon Valley, Ongi-Bayanzag Monastery, the Singing Dunes Khnogor, Yol Valley, Suvarga- Tsagaan, Baga-Gazriin Chuluu. Then back to Ulan-Bator on this trip you will see and experience all that is magical in this enigmatic country of steppes and nomads – home to the Prezvalsky Horse.



CHF 2,350.–

Length of holiday:

15 days (14 nights)

Departure dates:

June to September

Features of the holiday

Destination: Asia, Mongolia
Season: Autumn, Summer
Responsible travel: Economy, Environment, Food, Local food, Micro-economy, Sensitization
Travel type: Active holidays
Traveller type: Couple, Family, Small group
Activities: Bactrian camel riding, Camp, Observation, Riding, Sport, Tour, Trekking, Walk
Accommodation: Ger, Hotel, Teepee
Natural environment: Bactrian camel, Desert, Eagle, Horse, Lake, Mountain, Onager, Przewalski's horse, Steppe, Wild ass
Culture: Architecture, Artisans, Buddhism, Customs, Dance, History, Music, Philosophy, Singing, Temple
Climate: Continental
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Itinerary of the holiday

  • Day 1 : Arrival at Ulan Bator & tour of the city, overnight
  • Day 2 : Visit Khustain NuruuPark and the Prezvalsky Horses
  • Day 3 : Khogno Khaan mounain, overnight in a teepee
  • Day 4 : Karakorum, city, museum and the largest Bhuddist temple in Mongolia, overnight in a yurt
  • Day 5 : Orkhon Valley Ulaan waterfall, overnight in a yurt
  • Day 6 : the yurts of Bat-Olziit and the Uurtiin Tokhoi spring, overnight in a yurt
  • Day 7 : the town of Arvaikheer and the Ongi monastery, overnight in a yurt
  • Day 8 : Bayanzag archeologilical dig and Flamming Cliff, overnight in a yurt
  • Days 9 et 10 : The singing dunes of Khongor
  • Day 11 : Yol, a valley nested between the beautiful peaks of Gurvansaikhan mountain
  • Day 12 : The cliffs of Tsagaan Suvarga, with blood coloured sands
  • Day 13 : Baga Gazriin Chuluu, an attractive area of rivers and valleys
  • Day 14 : return to Ulan Bator, Zorgol Khairkhan mountain & flea market in town
  • Day 15 : Return to Europe


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Length of the holiday

15 days (14 nights)

Departure dates

June to September


2 persons : CHF 2,950.– per person
4 persons : CHF 2,350.– per person

Included with the holiday

  • all activities described in the itinerary
  • 2 nights twin or doulbe room in a hotel in Ulan-Baator with meals
  • 12 nights camping
  • all meals with mineral water
  • francophone guides
  • drivers
  • all transfers and transport over the trip
  • entry fees

Not included with the holiday

  • flights
  • drinks other than mineral water
  • sleeping bag, should you want
  • tips
  • laundry
  • personal effects

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